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Molly is an Artist, Professional in the Outdoor Industry, and Adventurer. Oklahoma born and raised. Molly has an eclectic background from musical theatre to building trails in the East and wildlife research in the West. When she's not adventuring, she loves spending time with all of her animals that happen to be named after rock stars, enjoys Pilates, ballet, and learning something new each day. Molly was recently accepted into the Graduate Program for Native American Leadership. As a BIPOC,  she intends to reach a vast audience while establishing a connection with a diverse group of people and promote the need for diversifying the outdoors. 

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The Polk County Trails Coordinator works for Polk County Parks & Recreation through a grant from the Polk County Community Foundation. The Trails Coordinator manages trail work days, various partnerships and other trail related initiatives in the county. Contact our current coordinator at trails@polknc.org to get involved or for more information.