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Trails Coordinator

Laura Baird is the Recreation Coordinator for Polk County Parks, Recreation and Maintenance. Her educational background is in Marine Science, Environmental Science, and Park/Recreation Management. She has worked as a counselor in aquariums and directed Polk County’s summer day camp. She currently leads outreach programming to the schools' afterschool children, has a ""Preschool Park Playtime" program for kids under age 6, and manages the "big picture" for the department. She understands how powerful hands-on learning can be to children and adults alike, and strives to provide opportunities for people to have fun together (in the outdoors if possible).

Laura is the main contact for volunteers to help with trail workdays and group hikes. To get involved please contact us: or (828) 894-8199.

For general trail information or if you have any concerns please contact us: 

The Polk County Trails Coordinator position was founded for Polk County Parks & Recreation through a grant from the Polk County Community Foundation as a partnership with the Project Conserve/AmeriCorps Program. The position is now funded by the county as a full-time position. The Trails Coordinator manages trail work days, various partnerships and other trail related initiatives in the county. 

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