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Big Bradley Falls Trail

Trail type: Out and back

Length: 1 mile each way

Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

Parking: Located off of Holbert Cove Road

Status: OPEN

Printable Trail Map

This 1 mile trail goes through the Green River Game Lands and takes you to a rock outcropping with a view of the 75 foot Bradley Falls. Please stay on the trail DO NOT try and climb down to the base of the falls or to get a closer viewpoint.  It is extremely dangerous and has claimed the lives of seven people since 2000.  


The trail crosses Cove Creek without the assistance of a bridge so expect to get wet. Blue blazes mark the trail. 


It is possible to hike into Bradley Falls from the Green River Cove Rd side, but that area is managed for food plots and gets hunted heavily.  If you must hike in on this side, it is important to wear blaze orange and be aware of hunting seasons.  The trail is informal and receives no maintenance.


Seasonal regulations can be found here.

Bradley Falls from the overlook
Parking area on Holbert Cove Road

Additional information on the Big Bradley Falls lower trail can also be found here.


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