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Green River Game Lands

Trail type: 9 Connected Trails

Length: 14.3 miles total

Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

Parking: Can be accessed from the North via Big Hungry Road or from the South via Green River Cove Road

Status: OPEN, no bathrooms

Map created by MountainTrue
Map created by MountainTrue
Turkey Gut Trail
Long Ridge Trail
Bishop Branch Trail
Rock Hop Trail
Green River Cove Trail

The Green River Game Lands consist of 18,639 acres of wilderness.  9 named trails run through the Game Lands that have signs at each trail connection blue blazes that mark the trails.  Hunting is allowed in the Green River Game Lands and all information on seasons and regulations can be found here. The trails of the Game Lands are better suited to more experienced hikers.  

** No access to private lands w/o landowner permission

Additional information on the Green River Lands trail can be found here.


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