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Little White Oak Mountain Bike Trail
(at the Recreation Complex)

Trail type: Out and back creates a loop. 

Length: Approximately 2 miles. 

Difficulty: Easy

Parking: Located in between baseball fields and Polk Middle School on the other side of the road from the tennis court.

Open for hiking & bike use. 

Trail head is at end of parking lot closest to woods. Look for an opening in the trees and flagging tape.

Flagging for the construction of the bike trail has started. The trail will be approximately 8 looped miles optimized for mountain biking. We will update this page as the work progresses. 

Current Trails Map

The Recreation Complex Trail is an ongoing project that will be easy to moderate hiking. The hiking trails will include stream crossings through a beautiful wooded area right behind Polk Middle School. Clearings along the trail offer striking views of the sky and treeline.

Flagging on the trees mark the trail paths.

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