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Melrose Falls Trail

Trail type: Out-and-back

Length: 0.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Parking: Located off of 176 in the "Twin Bridges" Area

Status: OPEN

This moderate, 1/2 mile trail is owned by Pacolet Area Conservancy and parallels the North Pacolet River.  After about one-tenth of a mile, the trail splits.  The main trail stays to the left while the trail to the right goes a short distance to an impressive rock outcrop and the railroad tracks. After about .4 miles the trail splits again.  The upper trail leads to a rocky cliff area overlooking the 50+ foot  Melrose Falls.  This area is very beautiful but please use caution (especially if hiking with children)- there is a steep drop here which could cause serious injury or death.

 If you wish to get to the base of the falls it is not recommended to climb down from this point but to hike back to where the trail forks and take the lower trail.  This trail is currently overgrown and not well marked so please use caution when hiking here and be sensitive to wildflowers and other native plants.

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Parking area on 176

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